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The e-commerce giant is more than doubling its tech workforce in the area.

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April 30, 2019 12:53 PM PDT

Tech Industry

Amazon Denver

Amazon is expanding its Denver Tech Hub.Amazon

Amazon is opening a new office in downtown Denver and adding 400 new high-tech jobs, the company said Tuesday. 

This expansion of Amazon's Denver Tech Hub will more than double its tech workforce in the area. The e-commerce giant opened an office in Boulder last fall. 

The new jobs will be in fields such as software and hardware engineering, cloud computing and advertising.

"We're excited to continue to grow and invest in the Denver area," said Dave Wood, site lead for Amazon's Denver Tech Hub, in a statement. "Our new office will offer our teams the convenience of a downtown location with an array of outdoor adventures just up the road."

The Denver Tech Hub is part of a network of 17 development centers across North America that exist in addition to the company's Seattle and Arlington headquarters. These Hubs employ more than 20,000 total, according to Amazon. 

In November, Amazon said it would build two 25,000-employee campuses: one in Long Island City in New York's Queens borough and another in Arlington, Virginia. In February, Amazon cancelled its plans to build the New York City campus, but said it would continue with its plans for the Virginia location. 


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