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Bring any four bodies to the Verizon carrier's new Party Pay program and get unlimited service as low as $25 per person.

Grab any three people -- friends, family members, roommates, casual acquaintances -- to score big savings from Visible.Visible

Visible is a Verizon-powered prepaid carrier that offers unlimited mobile-phone service for a very reasonable $40 per month. But that's per person; if you're a household of, say, four, your combined bill would be a less-reasonable $160. Good news: Visible just unveiled a group-discount option, and while the name may be silly, the savings definitely aren't. Welcome to Party Pay. It's like a family plan, but with a very loose definition of "family."

See it at Visible

It works like this: Invite any two, three or four people to your "Party." This works for new and existing Visible customers alike. Each person gets billed separately, and each person gets his or her own account with unlimited calls, text messages, data and mobile hotspot.

With two people, the per-person rate drops to $35 per month. Three people: $30 per month. And with four people, the maximum number allowed in a party: $25 per month. No taxes, no fees.

Needless to say, this may hold considerable appeal for people who aren't related and/or living under the same roof: college roommates, for example, or even co-workers. Just find three more warm bodies and you can get rates that compete with some of the best family plans.

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