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Willow's new reusable milk container system is perfect for moms who'd rather skip collection bags, and Cyber Monday is a great time to save with 15% off their entire range of products.

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Cyber Monday is coming to a close, but there's still time to save on Willow breast pumps and accessories. The company changed the way mothers feed their babies with the first all-in-one, hide-it-inside-your-bra, wearable breast pump. For Cyber Monday, Willow is offering 15% off any item on their online store, including milk bags, breast pumps and any accessories new moms may need. Use the code "15OFF" at checkout to get the holiday shopper discount.

The $500 Willow breast pump debuted at CES 2017 and got a lot of buzz because it's completely hands-free, allowing mothers to move around instead of being tethered to a machine while pumping. CNET's own Bridget Carey got to test the pump and praised it for giving her the freedom to tend to other tasks while using it. 

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